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    3-4 weeks at Disney World Planning!

    Hi all, My fiance and I have decided we want to spend out honeymoon at Disney World. We want to spend an extended amount of time there, so we can really just relax and do EVERYTHING we always wish we did multiple times, or the things we always miss out on. What is the best way to book this? The...
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    Who to book with? Travel agents/independent? Which sites?

    So I'm hoping to book to go to Disney World in 2020 for the first time, and a solo visit! It'll probably be late Oct - early November, for two weeks, to get in Halloween and Christmas, and possibly the parties. (Unless anyone has any better suggestions of when to go?! I really want to see...
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    Booking in foreign currency

    Hello! First time poster but long-time lurker. I am a DLR local, planning a trip for WDW later this year. When I was in Europe a few months ago browsing the WDW booking websites, I noticed that there can be a significant difference between prices in US dollars, British pounds, and Euros. Does...


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