1. T

    How many room splits are too many?

    We'll be using our DVC points for the first time Dec 31-Jan 5. We booked the trip within the last month, so had to piece together what we could find. 1st two nights at OKW, next two nights at Kedani, and final night at BCV. The last day when we're checking into BCV, we'll be at HS & EP. I...
  2. K

    Waitlist/Stalking... Hows my chances?

    I am attempting to get BCV 1 Bedroom for 2 nights the end September. I am literally obsessed, every 5 seconds I refresh the page. I noticed that a lot of hotels aren't opening up for the 2 dates I need. What are your thoughts that I will get it? I am 54 days out. I keep stalking. HOPING FOR A...
  3. NickBCV

    Split Stay Grand Floridian and Beach Club

    Just got back from Disney having booked the Grand Floridian and Beach Club for 3 nights each. This was our first split stay and I would say I would not recommend it. Grand Floridian was amazing and as we expected there was a significant drop-off with the Beach Club. Problems began with check...
  4. BCV Alligator

    BCV Alligator

  5. BCV Alligator

    BCV Alligator

  6. IMG_0947


  7. BCV at night

    BCV at night

    Night view of Beach Club Villas
  8. BCV Room 233 Sunrise

    BCV Room 233 Sunrise

  9. DVC BCV


    Night view of Beach Club Villas
  10. BCV-Artwork


  11. BCV


  12. Fireworks from Balcony at BCV

    Fireworks from Balcony at BCV


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