1. B

    Cozumel with a child under 2

    My baby will be almost 2 when we go on our cruise that is stopping in Castaway Cay and Cozumel. I'm obviously not worried about excursions in Castaway Cay because we will just have a beach day but its been a while since I've been to Cozumel and am wondering what kind of excursions would be a...
  2. B

    Baby Centers WDW

    Hey everyone, just wanting to get an idea of the prices inside the baby centers? We are taking my what will be an 8 month old at the end of this month. Just trying to get an idea. Thanks!!
  3. B

    Disney Cruise with a 20 month old?

    Hello! So my husband and I have cruised often in the past on NCL but since having a baby have decided maybe we would try Disney (we are Disney fanatics and go to the parks often). I’ve got my eye on either the Magic out of Miami or the Dream out of Canaveral in Nov 2020 but something keeps me...
  4. T

    Restaurants with 4 toddlers

    Scary title, am I right? 🤣 We’ll be making the trip next September with some great friends. Between both families we will have 3 girls (4, 4 & 3) and a boy (18 months). In the past we’ve done Cinderella’s Royal Table, & Be Our Guest this past January and personally I thought CRT was nice but...
  5. M

    Double stroller and umbrella stroller? Or just double?

    Okay so I’m stuck! I have a double stroller and an umbrella stroller. We’re going to Disney with a 4 year old and 3 month old in December. I’m planning to wear baby as well as put in stroller but days when we wear baby should we use the umbrella stroller or just bring the double?
  6. D

    Stroller recommendations - 3 under 4

    1. What two to three kid stroller is easy and quick to fold down and will meet the size restrictions and 2. what is the smartest stroller combo with two young kids and an infant? We will have three kids during our next trip to WDW- 4 yr old, 2 yr old and 1.5 month old. When we just had two...
  7. jrmint427

    First Trip With Kids - MNSSHP - F&W Festival - Sept 2017 TR

    Welcome to my trip report! This is my third report, but first since we have had kids. It was a different experience, and so much fun to see the parks through our girls' eyes. One daughter turned 3 on our trip and the other turned 1 a few days later. Why: Why not? Not that we needed a good...
  8. xtina!

    Disney with two small toddlers

    Hello and thank you for reading. This may not be the best trip report, it's my first, and I don't have many photos. But perhaps this might help another parent with small kiddos. I'm Christina, and I'm a stay at home mom to two little boys, ages 1 (17 months) and 2 (28 months). I have a wonderful...
  9. S

    Stroller - Rent, Buy or Other

    Hi, I am traveling with my infant for the first time to WDW. My 11 month old. We're trying to decide whether we should: 1) Rent the City Mini 2) Buy a City Mini or other umbrella stroller (Maclaren Triump, Baby Jogger City Tour or other suggestions) 3) Take our Bugaboo Bee 3. So here are the...
  10. kittyklawz

    Advice for Cruising with an Infant

    My fiancé and I are thinking of taking a cruise for our honeymoon next year. It will be our first cruise and we will also have a 1 year old with us (currently pregnant, due in August). I would love to get people's advice who have cruised with a baby of similar age. We are thinking of doing...
  11. Big Smile

    Big Smile

    First Big Smile in a PhotoPass picture at WDW
  12. Monkey family

    Monkey family

  13. Treasure ketch

    Treasure ketch

  14. Baby food green beans

    Baby food green beans

  15. Baby food applesauce

    Baby food applesauce

  16. Baby Bump

    Baby Bump

    Baby Bump
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  19. Magic_Kingdom_Baby_Care_Center_13


    Magic Kingdom baby care center photos
  20. Magic_Kingdom_Baby_Care_Center_12


    Magic Kingdom baby care center photos


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