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  1. Robo


    Welcome to the "Ticket Sticky" Information about Walt Disney World Tickets ############################################################ Park HOPPER (Park Hopping) will return Jan. 1, 2021 The Disney Parks...
  2. Cliz155

    Post your WDW Annual Pass Refund Here (Data Only)

    I was looking at other threads and noticed that it was hard to track the refunds people were getting for APs. It would be nice to have a central place to share refund information. Type of annual pass: Original pass expiration date: Extended expiration date: Type of refund (full cancellation...
  3. KyleAfterAWhile

    AP Only Info Thread Reservation System /Extensions / Refunds

    With the current closure, I was under the impression, from an email I received from Disney Annual Passholders, that all of our APs would be extended by the number of days the parks are closed. When we called Disney about our May reservation that has to be moved, we asked about that and were...
  4. whistlinmickey

    AP Disappeared from MDX

    My Annual Passport was due to expire some weeks after the parks closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That original expiration date has now passed and the AP no longer shows up in My Disney Experience. Has anyone else had this happen to them? This was a Premier AP. Other family members still...
  5. Welsh_Dragon

    WDW AP rates for October 2020

    I know there is a thread for this somewhere but I just can’t find it and WDW will not allow me to access the US site from the U.K., so... Are there any AP rates available for 17 to 31 October 2020? Thank you.
  6. Banzai

    AP Sponsership

    Hi! I'm an annual pass holder at Disneyland Paris currently, as I winter in France and spend my summers in the United States for work (partner's job is in France.) However, he got a new job and is moving to southern California this summer. Here at Disneyland Paris, if an annual passholder...
  7. M

    Annual pass- booking fastpass for 2 stays in 2 months

    First post. Can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere. Annual passholder have a stay booked on site from April 8th- April 16th. Fast pass window opened this morning and I booked passes for all 9 days. I'm now looking to book another on site stay from March 5-10 or so. Already within 30 days...
  8. D

    Florida Resident Tickets for Rental Property Owner (live out of state)

    I own rental property in FL. I live out of state. I have mortgage on the rental property. If I show a mortgage statement for the rental property, will I qualify for Florida Resident status/discounts on Annual Passes? This is what is on the Disney page for FL Res requirements without a FL ID...
  9. S

    DVC Rental and Annual Pass

    Hello all! I will be renting DVC for 12 days in January 2021. We are planning to buy annual passes. With this said, I have two questions. First, how far in advance should/can I buy the annual passes before activation? Second, based on our DVC rental (for 12 days) and having annual passes (which...
  10. D

    Annual Pass Discount Question for Jan 31-Feb 5

    Hi there! New to the Dis Boards. My family and I are planning for one of us to buy an annual pass to take advantage of the discounts on 2-3 trips in 2020. Currently, there is a special offer on the Disney World website for "Passholders: Save up to 35% on rooms at select Disney resort hotels...
  11. C

    DL/DCA annual passport

    Trying to buy a disneyland/disney california adventure DELUXE passport for my niece and nephew, who live in Nevada, while I live in california. Would I be able to use my california discount / payment plan to purchase these as a gift? Would I need to be with them when they pick them up at the...
  12. D

    Bridging Disney Tickets Purchased From Delta Airlines

    Hi All! I recently purchased a 3-day flexible adult ticket from Delta Airlines because at a cost of $489 (I paid with Skymiles so it was still a good deal for me). Does anybody know whether this ticket can be bridged to an AP? And if so, how much credit I would receive? Thanks everyone!!
  13. S

    Signature Plus AP Payments Option

    Hi All! My family and I will be moving to Souther CA for a six week stint for my job. I was wanting to get the signature plus passports and take advantage of the payments option. We will have a CA address but I wasn’t planning on getting updated ID’s since it’s a temporary situation. So I’m able...
  14. S

    Purchasing Disneyland AP

    Hi All! My family and I will be moving to Souther CA for a six week stint for my job. I was wanting to get the signature plus passports and take advantage of the payments option. We will have a CA address but I wasn’t planning on getting updated ID’s since it’s a temporary situation. So I’m able...
  15. D

    Bridging/"Upgrading" Tickets-- Leftover $$?

    Hi All: Some friends of mine who are FL residents purchased a 3-day flex base ticket from Delta airlines to use their miles. I almost fell out of my seat when they told me because they would obviously have done much better just purchasing a FL resident ticket from UT, but that's now in the...
  16. G

    Annual Passholder Gift

    Hello, Does anyone know if you have to visit Epcot four different days or can you go in and out multiple times in one day to become eligible for complimentary Chef Minnie wooden coaster set on their fourth Food and Wine Festival visit! I am a brand new DVC member and Annual Passholder?
  17. M

    Changes to how Disney takes payment? Woah...

    Hello Disney people! We just got back from WDW and experienced a significant change in how we are able to pay for our trips. We thought we would post our experience and see if anyone else has experienced this, AND... Do you know a better way to do it? Background info... We are DVC members and...
  18. Simba1 come in

    Planning 2 trips in 2020, Advice?

    I am planning 2 trips for my family in 2020, one in May and one in November. We are regular Disney travelers, but for the May trip we are renting DVC points for the first time (might also do this in November but haven’t decided yet). We usually buy a package through Disney to get a room discount...
  19. Nuclear Monkey


    With opening just a little over a month away, any guesses, based on past openings, when any applicable discounts will be published?
  20. Kim in PA

    Would 1 Annual Pass with TIW be worth it for us?

    Considering 1 AP with TIW to save on dining 6 Adults (2 are kids) 7 Days Staying at Bonnet Creek Have to pay to park at parks - my daughter has a wheelchair. Always buy memory maker Eat at lots of sit down restaurants No alcohol Souvenirs for kids Traveling in June 2019 Out of state - no...



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