1. Disneytrippin'

    Layovers, Connections & Strategies Oh My!

    Do you have a long layover and would like suggestions from people who know about your airport? Do you have a short layover and need to know how to maneuver through a particular airport so you don't miss your flight? This thread is dedicated to those with airport dilemmas and for those who have...
  2. B

    Singing Runway Info?

    Hey there! I"m writing a Disney history book and stumbled upon this little gem: The old WDW STOLPort runway would play When You Wish Upon a Star when you went at just the right speed! Does anyone have audio/video of the runway actually singing? I just can't quite figure out how it worked.
  3. Groot

    Airline From Philly to Hawaii That Doesn’t Have TOO MANY Layovers and is Wheelchair-Friendly?

    I’m planning on going to Hawaii next year and need to know what airline has the fewest layovers (Wouldn’t mind spending the night in California and finishing up the flying to Hawaii the next day) and is the most handicap-friendly in regards to handling wheelchairs on the plane. (I’ve heard...
  4. S

    Stroller - Rent, Buy or Other

    Hi, I am traveling with my infant for the first time to WDW. My 11 month old. We're trying to decide whether we should: 1) Rent the City Mini 2) Buy a City Mini or other umbrella stroller (Maclaren Triump, Baby Jogger City Tour or other suggestions) 3) Take our Bugaboo Bee 3. So here are the...
  5. C


    I'm so scared, I'm flying by myself to Orlando and it's my first time flying alone and the weather reports say there's gonna be thunderstorms on the day I'm leaving. It's only an hour dometic flight but I'm honestly terrified about the delays and turbulence. Advice please. Will I be okay? :(
  6. Airport MCO

    Airport MCO


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