1. TheLittleKatie

    JAMBO! It's The Magic That Can Happen When It's Autumn! - *Updated 04/25 - p18*

    JAMBO! Wow, tough crowd. Let me try that again. WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME! Hello again Disboards! My name is Katie and I’ll be your skipper, your guide, your swim instructor, your ghost host, etc etc etc, but most importantly, your storyteller. Welcome to my third trip report! In...
  2. m3owbox

    First Trip to the Med (Complete)

    Hello everyone! A little background. My name is Brittany, I'm 26. Very big Disney fan, as I'm sure most people who are reading this are as well! Been to Disney World many many times. My husband Lance (29), who is also now a big Disney fan (since the honeymoon almost 3 years ago) came on this...


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