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  1. DreamtheImpossible

    Cass, Rob & Kira - Disneyland May 2019 - "Sniff...snifff. I think I smell Wi-Fi!!!"

    Joining in! I usually lurk, but I've followed a few years of your trippies and it's amazing to see how much Kira has grown! I love your idea of giving incentives for good behavior as souvenir money!! I'll probably be using that idea myself in the future! I share Kira's apprehension about the...
  2. DreamtheImpossible

    My Trip - Halloween Time Disneyland - My Most Horrible Trip of my Life

    I am so, so terribly sorry that this was your experience. :(
  3. DreamtheImpossible

    AdSimba Does the Impossible Again, and it's Going to be Wonder-ful!

    Following along! I'm from the PNW myself. (Seattle area, now eastern WA) I loved your Disneyland trip report and am looking forward to reading about your adventures! I've always wanted to take an Alaskan cruise.
  4. DreamtheImpossible

    --June 2018 Check-in Thread--

    Eeeeeeiii!!! One more sleep! Flying for the first time for my little 1.5year old and a 5 year old. (And a 14yr old but I'm sure SHE'LL be fine! Hah!)
  5. DreamtheImpossible

    --June 2018 Check-in Thread--

    2 days to go! Leaving early Tuesday morning. My nephew still has no idea!!
  6. DreamtheImpossible

    --June 2018 Check-in Thread--

    5 days to go!!! Eeii!! My 5 year old nephew is already packed, my sister in law is already packed, I've got all the laundry done and all the flight activities purchased and packed...can't wait!! :yay::yay::yay:
  7. DreamtheImpossible

    --June 2018 Check-in Thread--

    For some reason I was expecting over 100 degrees. :rolleyes:
  8. DreamtheImpossible

    Navigating DLR, Pixar Pier Opening, and AP Blockouts June 18-30

    That's a really good point. I think they released the block dates for the couple days I'm there before Pixar Pier opens, but even still if they're willing to do that, they can't expect crowds to be too intense. I think Disney really dropped the ball by not having the entire pier ready at one...
  9. DreamtheImpossible

    --June 2018 Check-in Thread--

    Looked at the weather for our dates, and I am pleasantly shocked!! Upper 70's to low (very low) 80s the whole time I'm there, with 0% rain. A little wind, but that's okay! I have 5 park days to see the fireworks. :)
  10. DreamtheImpossible

    Navigating DLR, Pixar Pier Opening, and AP Blockouts June 18-30

    I'm getting so excited. <3 If Disney is offering the 40% off, maybe crowds won't be so insane. I've gone in October for a Halloween parade and omgoodness. That was packed! We'll be there the 20-24th with park hoppers, and I think we'll just try to avoid DCA on the 23-24th. (At least the pier...
  11. DreamtheImpossible

    So Pixar fest isn’t as popular as they expected?

    I hope you're right! We've gone in October for Halloween and it was PACKED! :eek: Way more than I expected it to be. I'd done a lot of research on June vs October and had settled on Junes for lower crowds. I'm probably being paranoid over nothing, which I certainly hope is the case. We...
  12. DreamtheImpossible

    So Pixar fest isn’t as popular as they expected?

    We are going June 20-24th. As I mentioned in the June thread, this news has me SERIOUSLY bummed out. My MIL has extreme crowd anxiety, and I warned her that Disney would be busy, but assured her I had picked dates that had the SoCal and lower tiered passes blocked. This was in January. Then they...
  13. DreamtheImpossible

    --June 2018 Check-in Thread--

    I'm upset also. We are traveling with my MiL who has EXTREME anxiety. I had prepared her that Disneyland would be busy, but specifically picked these dates in June in JANUARY, before the release of Pixar Pier. With that release date given, I knew we'd have some crowds the 23rd and 24th. But I...
  14. DreamtheImpossible

    Toy Story Midway Mania! Faces Closures as California Adventure Completes Pixar Pier

    You guys are life savers! I was totally going to do Option 1 for my family, but after reading your comments...option 2 is SO MUCH better. Thanks! :worship:
  15. DreamtheImpossible

    Navigating DLR, Pixar Pier Opening, and AP Blockouts June 18-30

    I'm getting worried about these June dates!! We picked June 20-24th as our park days...too late to change now! I plan on using our MM on Saturday to snag a ride (using Maxpass) with the Incredicoster. Somewhat bummed about the lack of Hyperspace Mountain, but that's okay too! It's our first...
  16. DreamtheImpossible

    --June 2018 Check-in Thread--

    Bummed about TSMM, but I guess I'm glad we are there the 23 + 24th. I thought picking June 20-24th would be the best dates but good grief! That being said, a day at Disney is better than a day anywhere else! 14 days!
  17. DreamtheImpossible

    --June 2018 Check-in Thread--

    36 days! A little bummed by the early-opening event of PP on the 22nd, as that was going to be our DCA day...but I suppose it still can be, and just avoid the pier!
  18. DreamtheImpossible

    Advice from DLers about Pixar Pier Weekend

    Hydro, You're a lifesaver. :worship::worship::worship: I'm going June 20-25th.
  19. DreamtheImpossible

    Indy Refurb - June 11 to 14

    As of the 14th, it's still listed as down. Hopefully back up by Monday the 18th!


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