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  1. mick1229

    Hotel prices for summer keep dropping..

    I used to Love staying at the DL Hotel.. but the absolute insane prices drove me away... now it’s gotten to the point where the best way to go is to stay offsite and eat offsite whenever possible... no one should have to justify a reason for going ... but the price gauging is really getting...
  2. mick1229

    Where has Charles been ?

    Definitely had a introspective Style and a Knack for writing..perhaps he had an opportunity to continue in that vein elsewhere... Best of Luck!
  3. mick1229

    Carol Bowling

    God Bless and Rest In Peace
  4. mick1229

    Why is Skull Island attraction ignored?

    I like it... but nothing could compare to its former incarnation.. KONGFRONTATION
  5. mick1229

    Why do I torture myself?

    If it’s because Disney is purposely understaffing.. like they did last year during anticipated Slow period than I would blame Disney not Touring Plans..they want to create this idea that there is no “slow season “ always comes down to the almighty buck for them
  6. mick1229

    My Trip - Halloween Time Disneyland - My Most Horrible Trip of my Life

    Wow.. this seems to be a trend that I keep reading relating to DL(Hopefully it was just a bad Trip)...sorry for your experience...and Thanks for your Service to our Country
  7. mick1229

    Any new rumors about T2 replacement?

    Yes .. they have all the classics Universal Monsters in their cannon... I would love to see a dark indoor boat ride (ala Pirates).. whet they incorporate all the Monsters from scene to scene .. replete with angry villagers with torches.. even throw in a themed restaurant in the beginning that we...
  8. mick1229

    Proof WDW inflates wait times during off peak season

    I hope that Len Testa can come back on the show soon to update some of the findings of Touring Plans..Not only is he incredibly smart,also very funny and entertaining
  9. mick1229

    People Mover....

    If you need a break at the MK..I will sometimes do COP than walk over to the Wedway People Mover....Its a great way to relax while actually experiencing 2 attractions simultaneously
  10. mick1229

    What to Do In Milwaukee?

    I was there recently..I took my son to see Wrigley field in Chicago,and the next day we drove to Milwaukee too see The Brewers play .. great time .. very nice place and people..had a great time
  11. mick1229

    Did I miss a Pete rant on MNSSHP?

    Pete mentioned to save your money.. and it’s better used for Disney After Hours... I agree, than you wonder if they will start over selling that .. I hope not for the people that attend ..he seemed almost pained to say that that they should probably raise the ticket price .. which is...
  12. mick1229

    First MNSSHP - Oversold?

    Less for More!!!...this is why I stopped going to WDW over 3 years ago. I prefer to remember it as the special place that it was once was , rather than the money grubbing Operation it is today. Im all for making a profit, but there is a limit between profit and taking advantage (a line they...
  13. mick1229

    Disneyland show?

    I stayed at the Hyatt a few years back and really enjoyed it ..great location and had a 2 room suite for a fraction of the cost of a DL resort... I really enjoy the DL Hotel.. but just can’t rationalize the cost anymore... definitely would like to hear Pete and Ryno’s take on some off site options
  14. mick1229

    Disneyland show?

    Thanks!! thats awsome
  15. mick1229

    Disneyland show?

    That sounds like a great idea...i will definitely have to do this my next time out there
  16. mick1229

    Are touring plans necessary?

    Touring PLans is an awesome site,(Ive used it many times) however with a 2 day EP you shouldnt have any issues
  17. mick1229

    Chances WDW Haunted Mansion Finally Gets Holiday Makeover?

    i was able to see it this past November,I thought it was good but I think 4 months is a long time without the Classic attraction..glad that I was able to see it though
  18. mick1229

    Any Rumors of Universal Expanding EE?

    Good to know...Im taking my Daughter down on Monday for her Sweet 16...(staying at the HRH) no sense in busting it,just to get the Early Entry in when we we have the Express Pass....looking forward to it!!


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