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    My Trip - Halloween Time Disneyland - My Most Horrible Trip of my Life

    My latest trip was a complete disaster. So much so that I wrote the following letter to Disney: I am writing to you about my recent experience at the Disneyland Resort parks and Paradise Pier Hotel. I want to preface this with the fact that I grew up a Disney kid, most of my family has worked...
  2. J

    Mickey's Halloween Party and Halloween Time Superthread 2018!!

    Thanks for the review, now all i want is the really cute figment..
  3. J

    Disney's Happiest Haunts Tour 2018

    Can you PM me the last surpise too please?
  4. J

    Logistics of photos attached to tickets

    they need to hurry up and implement the magic bands at DL..
  5. J

    Has anyone stayed at the Hilton?

    IM staying in july.. I'll report afterwards
  6. J

    DUMBO Popcorn Bucket! Get yours now!

    I really hoe they have on in July I want one so bad
  7. J

    What is World of Color show like?

    We love the WOC, we do the WOC Dinners abd the see the show.
  8. J

    PhotoPass+ CD; are they .jpgs? Can't I edit later?

    My family gets the photopass, or now that they have + everytme we go to the park, and have never been disapointed
  9. J

    Duffy the Disney Bear!

    I am going to get my Duffy when i go back to Disneyland on my birthday
  10. J

    How wet do you get on the grizzly river run?

    The exit seats definitely get you the wettest
  11. J

    Anyone collect Disney Hawaiian shirts?

    I just started collecting them myself Kurt, can you let me know the ebay seller?


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