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  1. disneylove69

    Have you ever received a Birthday discount from Senses?

    I got the offer this past January.
  2. disneylove69

    Just off the Wonder (Alaska) -- Any Questions?

    Been to Alaska on other cruiselines and it's a must do. Ports are small so you can easily walk them. Lots to do for everyone. Keep in mind many excursions are a pretty penny.
  3. disneylove69

    Bark Collar for very small dog, not a budget buster.

    Vibration collars do not hurt them. Many vets I have talked to are good with it.
  4. disneylove69

    Bark Collar for very small dog, not a budget buster.

    Try the ones that vibrate. Not painful. Just startles the dog so they forget they were barking.
  5. disneylove69

    Bark Collar for very small dog, not a budget buster.

    DogRook bark collar ON Amazon. A lil over $20 and sends a warning beep and if bark continues sends a vibration. I have small chihuahua and larger dogs.
  6. disneylove69

    How do you sell an idea to Disney??? Suggestions

    Disney does not take unsolicited ideas from the public. When I worked for Disney we were not even allowed to listen or accept anything that had the idea on it. Part of their code of conduct.
  7. disneylove69

    And I thought Disney was expensive, Hawaii planning

    I found it was cheaper to eat out. Pineapple is about $4 where I live at over $8 in Hawaii. Basics like milk, eggs and cheese are crazy expensive. Some items were cheaper.
  8. disneylove69

    And I thought Disney was expensive, Hawaii planning

    Tried to get Amazon to deliver when we were there and it would take over a week to get delivery. Order way ahead of time.
  9. disneylove69

    Ticket Question

    I thought Disney announced a few years back that all old tickets were no good?
  10. disneylove69

    Ticket Question

    I had water park tickets left. At the gate they called a Manager over o scan them in the system. I was then given a new ticket to replace the old.
  11. disneylove69

    Question on how to book

    I only use a travel agent for the onboard credits. This upcoming cruise the perks went down so I will look for someone else or go on my on. I get a nice basket of promotional gifts but after a couple I dont need any more
  12. disneylove69

    Early Dining and Pirate Makeover and the show! Oh My!

    Your waiter can rush your food. If you want great views you need to on deck up to an hour in advance.
  13. disneylove69

    First Disney Cruise, Need help!!!!!

    Most outside activities dont fill up to fast. Onboard activities they save a few spots that are first come first serve on the ship. Once on board go directly to the sign up table to get those if available.
  14. disneylove69

    Straws and lids

    So far bags and straws. Next everything else 🤣🤣, I live in the state and we are banning everything. I bring a Yeti onboard. Keeps liquids cold for a long time.
  15. disneylove69

    Got a Complementary room upgrade for our DCL Cruise!

    I have been upgraded a few times. No calls but I did have gty rooms.
  16. disneylove69

    Renting a car and cruising

    I like the freedom so I do a rental, drop off at port and rent when we dock.
  17. disneylove69

    Trick or treating question

    Thanks everyone. Cant wait.
  18. disneylove69

    Luggage Tags sent to house but we have TA

    I use a TA and Disney always sent to our house.
  19. disneylove69

    Trick or treating question

    Ok have to ask... Can adults trick or treat. MNSSHP adults can.


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