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  1. ariane37

    Steak Dinner with young adult children

    My 13 year old DS has eaten many a filet while in Disney and his favorite is Narcoosse's. Mine is at Citricos, both 2 credits
  2. ariane37

    Never say Neverland: Easter '18, May/June '18, July '18, Sept '18, Nov '18 TRs (6/24 UPDATE!)

    Just catching up quick so let me just say Yay! Ooh see BMG! I've seen the show twice including in Orlando and it's fantastic :goodvibes And finally make sure you don't miss Boo To You again-no excuse for that lol!!
  3. ariane37

    **September 2019**

    Yes on the MB's! Finally got to order custom ones for Sept and Oct and got confirmation emails but the charge is still pending and I won't believe they're truly coming our way until it's out of pending status as so many get the confirmation and have the bands revoked lol
  4. ariane37

    ***Official July 2019 thread***

    I don't think I realized you'd never done KTTK Susan, you'll love it!
  5. ariane37

    Sister Wives, First Times and Lots of Wine/An Epic Girls Trip...Updated 6/24

    I seriously need to catch up but also wanted to just post quickly...... Just to, you know, show my face 🤣💩:love2::rolleyes1:smokin::dancer:
  6. ariane37

    French Quarter to the Fantasy With an EPIC Cherry on Top…Spring 2019! Updated 6/23!

    That's such a great meet! Idid that meet for the first time on the EPIC trip during Ater Hours with Jenny, Joe, Billie and Sara and we were there so long, and Mickey and Minnie were awesome! But yours was even better! John Waters IS a legend(ary director) so it's cool they share a name and...
  7. ariane37

    **September 2019**

    FP day is July 16th :) No idea yet what we're doing or when other than a couple of the F&W events and I need to figure out our Dec ADR's for July 1st, and then I'll get to Sept!!
  8. ariane37

    *** The Official December 2019 thread ***

    I just realized our ADR day is next Monday lol and while I Know basically where we want to eat I don't know when! I just got our plans set for next week and haven't done anything for our Sept trip yet but going between Xmas and NYE is a whole other ballgame so I need to get moving!
  9. ariane37

    Pixie Dust, or Pixie MOUNTAIN? A Grand (Roy) Disney TR *NEW EPIC DIS TRIP UPDATE 6/23

    Hello friends! On this, T-minus 10 days from our July 4th Disney trip, I come to you with another EPIC update finally! Summer is (almost in) full swing here; kids have no school tomorrow, Tuesday Ricky has his last final and Chris has his last 1/2 day which is just field day. Ricky has...
  10. ariane37

    Dessert before Dinner: a trifecta of dining reports? Update 6/21 Festival of the Holidays food

    I know, I'd never had it before although I've seen chocolate covered bacon in other places so I was super disappointed. But in no way at all was it good :sad2: Ha! I prefer them to make the choices because then 1. I know we're doing what they want and 2. I can't be blamed for things going...
  11. ariane37

    ***Official July 2019 thread***

    We did DAH HS in Jan and had no plan; worked perfectly! Also no plan when we did it at MK last month and that was even better; just went where we wanted when we wanted as nothing at all had lines or waits. My one concern with HS this time is TOT since that's my main reason for going. I know...
  12. ariane37

    How about a couple of EPIC quickies? DRs, that is! update 6/16 - Ohana

    Just seeing the picture of your house, looks perfect! You do have some busy months ahead getting settled and then of course Disney in a few with....... us :love2: That patio looks cool too, didn't know about that! Couldn't wait for you to get off the boat after 'Ohana. We really got good use...
  13. ariane37

    **September 2019**

    I wish I could help, I am just going to add that after too many trips since FP+ to remember I am not a fan of it lol! We aren't big planners and tend to switch up our daily plans by about 80% anyway and FP is what messes doing that that up IMO. I don't book them that early, I'll normally start...
  14. ariane37

    Dessert before Dinner: a trifecta of dining reports? Update 6/21 Festival of the Holidays food

    LOL I don't totally remember but.....yeah it probably was. Wait just looked it up, $4.75!!! But the piece was NOT big!!!
  15. ariane37

    Dessert before Dinner: a trifecta of dining reports? Update 6/21 Festival of the Holidays food

    It is different! For the most part you really don't have to plan much lol although you are going at the holidays. We did get our spot about an hour early - this was 4 day before Thanksgiving and we probably could have waited another 15-25 minutes or so. We did have a few families try pushing...
  16. ariane37

    Dessert before Dinner: a trifecta of dining reports? Update 6/21 Festival of the Holidays food

    Sorry I haven't updated in awhile guys, work is kicking my butt :oops: No way will this be done before we leave in what is now 12 days 🎆 so when we return I'll probably start another TR and have 3 reports going.............. Anyway before I go on to our next day here are 2 leftover pics from...
  17. ariane37

    Let's go to our Happy Place! March 2019 Girls Trip Updated 6/21 x2

    Glad you enjoyed AH at HS! We did it in January (after dinner at Morimotos lol) and thought it was fantastic; going again on July 5th and the boys will be with us this time. I'm a little peeved that half of TOT is down because that's my main reason for wanting to do it, and I've read some...
  18. ariane37

    We were having such a good time... and then the husbands showed up! Update 6/16/2019

    I love your flashback GF Xmas decor pictures! The tree was pretty and the gingerbread house......yeah, a little sad compared to today's lol. For a long time I didn't think I wanted to stay there but then decided I wanted to try every resort. And if you remember, we were upgraded to the Roy...
  19. ariane37

    **September 2019**

    I have no idea as I'm lucky these days if I do my own trip plans a month out! I'm always busy doing clients' plans....... I do know we're probably doing a couple F&W events but we don't usually do FP's in Epcot; BUT, with the tier changes and as non SW fans :duck:I don't think we'll book any at...
  20. ariane37

    ***Official July 2019 thread***

    That's so cool! After many many DISMeets including our EPIC DIS Girls Trip last month with about 30 of us from here on the boards, I can attest to the fact that not only are DISMeets awesome but online friends can definitely become true friends :goodvibes


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